Do you sell online? Not currently. Product availability is in a high state of flux, so please visit either store to see the latest offerings.

Why should I buy from Colorado Casual Furniture? We are a local, family-run business that operates showrooms in the Denver area. Ordering from us means local service, detailed product knowledge, and a place to see products in person no matter how you prefer to order. Our staff understands our products because we work with them every day, as opposed to some stores that are simply warehouse operations who never touch the products they sell.

How does your ordering process work? Simply add products to your cart, select pickup or delivery, and check out! We will call you or email you to let you know your pickup is ready or to schedule your delivery. Note: We deliver within 100 miles of our two Denver Metro locations.

Why do I see “In-Store Only” on many of your products? Products that are “In-Store Only” fit into two categories:

  1. Custom order products that require the choice of fabrics, finishes, sizes, etc., and may have price variations based on options. These products are sold by our expert staff at our stores.
  2. Products made by manufacturers who have required minimum online pricing, but that we sell for less in our stores.

Can I order products that are out of stock? Yes! We will call or email you to let you know what timeframe can be expected for delivery or pickup of your order.

Can I pick up my order at a store other than the store where the merchandise is located? Yes! Simply select the location you’d prefer during the checkout process (you will be prompted when you select “pickup”), and you will be notified when your order is at the pickup location.

Our store policies concerning special orders, delivery information, and motion furniture can be found here. If you have any questions not answered here, or questions about any products you see, please contact us here or call us at the store.