Store Policies

Special Order Information

We quote special order time estimates based on the typical shipping time from the manufacturer. As there are several factors unknown to us at the time of order, the arrival time of your furniture may vary from our estimate. We will communicate with you if your order is significantly delayed (more than two weeks outside our estimate) for any reason, but status updates prior to merchandise arrival are generally not available.

Due to the custom, often hand-made nature of furniture, there are several variations and possibilities that will not be considered as defective or incorrect, including but not limited to:

  • Variations in wood grain or tone of finish (hue, lightness/darkness) in materials

  • Exact direction of fabric pattern/location of pattern

  • Variation in lining up of seams, stitching, and alignment (especially on motion furniture)

  • Puckering or wrinkling on seat cushions

  • Variation in foam firmness or feel

  • Natural flaws/defects in leather

  • Variations in upholstery stitching and/or design due to the natural characteristics of the fabric

  • Slight variations in leg height that would cause a chair to not sit entirely flat on the floor (often this is a result of a floor that is not level).

Colorado Casual Furniture will not be held responsible if your furniture cannot be placed inside your room because the furniture is too large. We will do everything we can to assist you in measuring the furniture you are ordering, but you are responsible for measuring access to your chosen room (doorways, hallways, staircases) to ensure the furniture will fit.

Delivery Information

Please have the area clear where your new furniture is to be placed, and a clear path for the delivery team to get to the room.

Our delivery team will do the following:

  • Place your new furniture exactly where you specify.

  • Assemble and/or Install shelves, mirrors, bridges, bed frames or other included parts.

  • Level wall units or cabinets.

  • Perform minor touch-up and repair if needed.

It is your responsibility to inspect delivered items for damage or defect. If the issue cannot be corrected by the delivery team, we will work with you to schedule a service call or return the item to the store for service and re-delivery.

Our delivery team cannot remove shoes upon entering your home, nor use shoe covers, as we make multiple trips in and out of the home carrying heavy loads. We will do our best to wipe our feet off as we enter, but we will not be held responsible for dirt, mud, or water that is tracked in. If your floors require special protection, we suggest covering the path to the room with sheeting or cardboard.

We will not be held responsible for damage to your home due to furniture being moved through especially tight or narrow halls, doorways, or staircases, and you may be asked to sign a waiver in the event our delivery team determines that undue risk of damage to your home or furniture is present during your delivery.

For liability and time reasons, our delivery team cannot move existing furniture, electronic equipment or other accessories, nor hang objects on customer’s walls.

Motion Furniture Disclaimer

Motion furniture is designed primarily for comfort. Motion furniture emphasizes comfort over visual and stylistic precision, and features numerous moving parts, softer cushioning, and greater variation in tailoring, firmness, and alignment. All motion pieces (recliners, reclining sofas and loveseats) are subject to typical variations which will not be considered defective and do not qualify for return, exchange, refund, or warranty claim.

Typical Variations:

  • Variations in the alignment of seams and stitching

  • Differences in the open or closed angles of backs or footrests

  • Gaps between seats, backs, or arms

  • Variation in foam, padding, or spring softness

Often alignment and gapping can be adjusted by leveling the piece on the floor. Please consult your salesperson for details.